Key Talks

  • Insightful 15-minutes presentations.
  • Eight inspiring key talks from leaders of the service industry.
  • Real examples and lessons of how to design for impact.
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Keytalk Speakers

In order to bring the best insights
and inspiration for the two days,
we have invited experienced thought
leaders from the public and the private sector
to discuss how to craft delight and deliver value.

  • Karolina Kohler

    Senior UX Researcher and Strategist

    Kaiser X Labs | Munich

    Designing for future life events – insurance and pension services

  • Alistair Duggin

    Head of Accessibility

    UK Government Digital Service

    How making services accessible benefits all users

  • Hanna Kops

    Head of Experience

    Transport for London

    Future-proof design for urban mobility in growing cities

  • Frank Abralind

    Experience Designer and Professor

    Sibley Hospital

    On designing healthcare from within

Four other speakers to be soon announced